Zer0™ Configuration System (Just unzip and GO!)

AEMS is a zero configuration application, and you don't need to install or configure anything manually.
Just unzip the package and click the corresponding startup script for your operating system. As simple as this! The application will do the rest.

In any case you can always get in touch with us if you need some help to get started. As a quick alternative you can also check our demo videos page!

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The basics- Getting started in just 2 steps!

(Obs: Some pictures or file names might differ slightly on the final version, as we keep updating AEMS).

1Step 1. - Download and unzip aems-premium.zip in a directory of your choice. This would be mentioned as $AEMS_HOME from now on and you should understand this reference as the directory where you extracted the zip file (for instance c:\aems-premium). The resulting folder structure should be similar to:
AEMS directory structure
Figure 1 - AEMS extracted folder structure

3Step 2. - Double-click or execute the corresponding startup file:
(startAEMSWindows on Windows, startAEMSMacOs.command for Mac, and startAEMSLinux.sh for linux/Unix).

Alternatively, you can also use the command line option, if you feel comfortable with it:
and start the app by running the corresponding script:
./startAEMSLinux.sh Linux/Unix.
./startAEMSMacOs.command For Mac.
startAEMSWindows.cmd For Windows systems.

Note: In some cases it's possible that your system doesn't have Java installed and this needs to be done before startup. In any case you don't need to worry since AEMS will do all the work for you. Just don't close the window started by the script program, otherwise AEMS will terminate.
AEMS can download and configure Java if needed
Figure 2 - AEMS can download and auto-configure Java if needed. Just answer y and hit ENTER

AEMS can download and configure Java if needed
Figure 3 - AEMS prompting for Java installation when required. Once the process finishes the main control panel shows up. (Figure 4 bellow)

Main AEMS panel
Figure 4 - AEMS main control panel

From the admin panel you can start and stop the events management application as needed. Click "Start AEMS", and the browser will open the application which is located at the "Application URL". When you have finished your work exit the browser, click "Stop AEMS" and quit. The next time you want to use AEMS just repeat the process (Double-click startup script). Alternatively, you can leave it running forever. This way, if your network/machine is reachable from the outside world you can access AEMS anytime, from anywhere (you just need to know the public IP or domain name where it is installed).
After the login window opens on the browser, you will be prompted for credentials. There is a built-in default administration account whose both username and password are "manager". You need to use this account when you login on AEMS for the first time, as well as provide the license activation code that you've received upon download (copy/paste it exactly as is). We strongly recommend you to change this password, as soon as you can. We also encourage you to create new users inside the system and not use the "manager" account too many often. New users are created inside AEMS, on Administration --> Manage users section.

users entrance
Figure 5 - Main AEMS entrance page

AEMS main screen
Figure 6 - AEMS home screen

For any issue please refer to the troubleshooting section.

License How To!

To purchase your license just go to the Purchase License page, enter your email address (the same you used for download), and you'll be redirected to the payment page. After the payment is confirmed by the system your copy will be validated automatically. After the purchase confirmation message you should restart AEMS. This is needed in order for the service to properly detect the changes after the payment. Usually it would take around 5 minutes or less before you can use AEMS again. After this operation you can switch back to offline mode, if you prefer.

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