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No Installation/Configuration required

With our Zer(0)™ Configuration system there is no need for complicated configurations or installations. The only thing you need to do is extract the zip file and click the corresponding startup script for your Operating System. Since AEMS needs Java to be installed in your machine before it can run, the application will do this check automatically and install the necessary dependencies if needed, saving you time and work.

OS independent (Multi-platform)

We support the three major Operating Systems. AEMS works seemly on Windows systems, Unix/Linux and MAC OS systems. In order to use it you just need your regular browser.

Works online and offline

With AEMS you can work both on online or offline mode. If you install it on a PC/network that you can reach from the Internet than you can access anytime from anywhere in the world. On the other hand if you want to keep it locally you can just have it installed on your laptop and take it with you everywhere.

Custom event and event types

You can create custom events and event types to match your events requirements. Some of the most common event types are already bundled on AEMS database, but it's also very simple to add new ones, if needed. And we support Timezones and recurring events too!

Contacts management

Contacts are an important piece of any organization, not only in events industry. AEMS provides efficient tools to keep track of all you business or personal contacts. You can also create specific groups or contact types (for instance individual or organization contacts) to better keep them organized. AEMS also ships with email and social tools that allow for easy communication with your costumers or partners. You can also import and export contact lists with just a few clicks.

Tasks and teams management

Tasks or as we like to call them "Event items" are the small pieces that build up a whole event. You can create teams and group your staff into organizational departments, and you can assign individual tasks to people involved in all the process phases, from event planning to event termination.

Budget control

Inside every organization budget control is one of the key features for success. We let you define individual budgets for every event that you create with AEMS. Define the maximum amount of money to be spent, either on payments to people working on it, or some other stuff like catering services, office supplies purchase, space rentals, etc, etc... You choose! As soon as you start creating event items and assigning tasks to people, AEMS will help you to easily visualize and control all your expenses.

Reports and dashboard

With our reports and dashboard tools it's very easy to grab important business information about your events. We have visual widgets and interactive charts that you can drill drown for all the relevant information that you need to know about your events and/or the people involved, You can analyze trends and get real time valuable information about the progress of your work, helping you out on management and planning activities.

Email marketing

AEMS has built-in support for email communication. You can use our email tools to send privates messages to a specific contact, or you can use your own defined mailing lists to reach your target audience and create custom marketing campaigns. Email is also the first choice to keep in touch with event participants. You can also use it to send tickets, discount coupons or any other valuable information you want.

Custom event pages and registration forms

We provide you with friendly and easy to use tools that will alow you to create beautiful event pages, either by choosing one of our existing themes or by creating yourself the entire design if you prefer. Our advanced event wizard and preview system will let you see immediately ("on the fly") how the final page will look, as soon as you walk through the wizard steps pointing and clicking on what you want to and what you do not want to include on the event public web page. Building custom event web pages couldn't be easier. In the same way, also the event registration forms are fully customizable, so it's up to you to decide what information attendee candidates should provide before joining any event.

Registration and attendee's management

With AEMS you can easily manage event registrations, either if your are hosting a private or a public event, a free or a payed event. You can configure automatic notifications to be sent to all participants, whenever some event detail changes (like the venue location or start date/time, for instance). You can define event mailing lists to keep you in touch with everyone, and also wait lists if it applies. You can specify registration limits and define participant roles and custom participant types. You can assign tasks to participants if they are part of your staff and/or organization, and you can keep track of all the work done. It's even possible to create personalized badges.

Cloud publish support

You can manage your events locally and publish the event page to our online cloud, using our cloud publish service.

File management

Group all your event related files in just one place. Share them with the audience if you like. Either if it is just some internal document or if you're hosting paper submission events, our centralized file management tools will come in handy for sure.

Payment processing

If you're producing payed events than you're probably interested in knowing that AEMS supports three types of payment processing. We fully support Paypal™ and Authorize.Net™ gateways, plus wire transfer payments. The payment type handling can be easily defined in a per event basis.

Automatic notifications

We do not want that you or anyone on your organization planning and managing events with AEMS could forget an important appointment or some other important task that needs to be done at some point in time. For this reason we let you define reminders and notifications to keep all your work organized. So, even if you're having a busy day, if you enable AEMS automatic notifications, the system will help not to forget any important step to be taken.

Paper submission handling

AEMS has built-in support for paper submission events (like conferences or seminaries). You don't need to use a different tool when you're hosting one of those. We give you a complete and powerful solution that will fulfill the requirements of any conference management system, plus all the extra project management tools that only AEMS includes. For a complete list of these features please refer to the section with the same name on the pdf version (top-right of the page).

Tickets and discounts

You can create event tickets, different category prices, discount coupons or promotion codes, and send them directly to people interested via email. Our easy to use ticket generator wizard lets you customize ticket's information and appearance and even add tag information as QR codes.

Inventory and Supplies support

You can track inventory or supply items used on every event or event item. Facilities and room planning made easy! With this management module your event planning and execution will reach another level.

Interactive widgets

Creating and editing events was never easier or fun as it is with AEMS. We offer you a visual, "eye catchy" and interactive agenda where you can create, edit or view information about any event with just one click of the mouse. With our interactive scheduling system and our automatic notification infrastructure it would be virtually impossible for you to miss something about anything. You can even export all your events or event items to standard calendar formats like iCal.

Social media integration

And how could we forget social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit or Digg? We couldn't! That's why we have integrated social media plugins to allow you to share your events with everyone in a simple and centralized way. You can even instantly share your event pictures. There is nothing like a good social marketing campaign to promote your work, right?

Import/Export features

AEMS comes with many possibilities in terms of import/export features. It is possible to export a high number of list/reports to common standard formats like Portable Document Format (.PDF), spreadsheets (like .XLS) or Comma Separated Values (.CSV). You can export individual events/event items or the entire agenda to an iCalendar compatible format (for Outlook for instance), and also import contacts and other information from several sources.

Customizable Look & Feel

AEMS Look & Feel is 100% customizable in a per user basis as well as the interface language. We have a selection with more than 40 beautiful themes to choose from. We guarantee you that you´ll never get tired of your screen looks.

Modern Web 2.0 Rich Application Interface (RIA)

That says it all. Our web 2.0 RIA interface built with Primefaces™ outstanding framework is extremely user friendly. We support all major browsers (IE, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and others). We just recommend you to always use a decent/recent version of it in order to take full advantage of all the web 2.0 functionalities we offer.

Internationalization support

Currently, AEMS has built-in support for English and Portuguese (and demo for Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Chinese and Hindi), but our goal is to provide AEMS in as many languages as possible to provide a more friendly user experience to all end users. That's why we allow for every single user that uses the application to choose their preferred language for the interface. Unfortunately, at this moment, our team doesn't have the time or the resources necessary to provide additional translations, but if you're interested, you can help us with that! You can contribute with a translation to a different language. Just send as an email to about it and we'll get in touch with you. AEMS will give credits on this website for all the translation work provided. Translation volunteers will also receive a Premium license for free!

Context aware events

AEMS events are context aware. They are smart and they are able to trigger action requests based on certain environment conditions.

Multiple database engines support

We support the three major Open Source database servers; PostgreSQL™, MySQL™ and Apache™ Derby, providing you with a lot more flexibility when it comes to choose the backend database server.

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